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Re: *~Star Trek Books FAQ Latest Edition~*

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Q. What happened in Stargazer: Oblivion on pages 72, 74, 195, and 197?
A. The first printing has an error that means some text is omitted on these pages. The full text can be found on the SimonSays site. The novel can also be purchased as an eBook, but the errors were correct so the reprints are okay. Margaret Clark, editor of Stargazer, says: "Look at the copyright page, you know that page you blow by it's got the Paramount mountain and Gertude (the Pocket logo has a name, like who wouldn't?) the 1 should be missing and the first number should be a 2. This is the second printing the printing errors were corrected on this edition."
It seems like the omitted text is no longer on the (revamped) Simon & Schuster site. At least the link above isn't current anymore and I couldn't find a new one during an (admittingly) short search of the site.
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