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Re: What if a BSG-styled remake of Babylon 5 was made?

Here's an example of what could happen in the B5 remake: of course, all of your Babylon 5 fans know about the events of Midnight on the Firing Line. I felt the aftermath of the Ragesh 3 incident wasn't explored enough. We didn't see Londo's nephew after that episode. He just disappeared without a word and Londo never mentioned him either after that, which is odd since Londo seem to have cared about his nephew in that episode. So let's show in the first season how Londo's nephew dealing with what happened on Ragesh 3. Maybe he's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. And what if it's the Ragesh 3 incident that prompts Morden's arrival on Babylon 5? He goes there under the guise of a reporter from Earth who wants to know more about the details of the incident and how the people on Babylon 5 feel about it, specifically the alien ambassadors. During each of his "interviews" with each ambassador, he makes an attempt to explore how their true desires are so the Shadows could use them to make that ambassador their puppet. Like in Signs and Portents, the ambassadors' responses will be the same including Londo's except this time, after getting to know Londo's nephew more and the pain he's going through, we feel for Londo more when he finally vents out his frustration about Ragesh 3 and the whole decaying state of the Centauri Republic to Morden.
Also, in this version, we see that one of the reasons why Londo spent time with Adira is to distract himself from his sorrow about his nephew and Ragesh 3. Because with her, he can forget that for a moment and only think about the happiness he feels with her. There would be a few times prior to her death that we see Londo checking up on her and sometimes communicating to her at long-distance when he feels so lonely and so trapped by the role he chose when he made his deal with the Shadows.
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