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Re: Star Trek end credits 9 minute music clip

Sky wrote: View Post
Messianni wrote: View Post
This is absolutely amazing.

Oh god, I'm going to be in tears in the theater over how awesome it is.
Got to admit I was.
Glad I won't be the only one.

Tulin wrote: View Post
About to click on.........GOD please don't let it be "Faith of The Heart".

So I take it "Faith of the Heart" is the Trekkie version of a Rickroll?

Squiggyfm wrote: View Post
cooleddie74 wrote: View Post
I am seriously in love with this end music.

Wow. I did NOT expect to be this impressed.
I'm rolling an mp3 of this as we speak so I can save a copy of it before youtube's music Nazis delete it. Lemme know if you want a copy.
Yes please!
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