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Re: *~Star Trek Books FAQ Latest Edition~*

People Of Trek Lit

Q. Who are the Pocket editors for Star Trek books now?
A. The primary editor for the fiction line is now senior editor Margaret Clark; senior editor Marco Palmieri was the other main editor for several years until a large group of layoffs at Pocket in December 2008. Elisa Kassin, Ed Schlesinger, and Jennifer Heddle have all done editorial work in the past few years as well. Keith DeCandido does freelance editorial work for Pocket (various anthologies, S.C.E.), but is not on staff.

Q. Who is Richard Arnold?
A. Richard Arnold ran the Star Trek Office of Paramount Licensing at the behest of Gene Roddenberry from around the premiere of TNG to the time of Roddenberry's death. It was his job to approve proposed novels, and he is held responsible for the "dark period" of ST literature from the mid-80's to the mid-90's. Richard Arnold did not believe in inter-novel continuity, claiming that every novel should be based upon the TV shows and movies, not other novels. Fortunately, he has since left, and his decrees are no longer in effect, as is evidenced by today's publishing program.

Q. Who are the people on the covers of the books "playing" Calhoun, Vaughn, et al.?
A. Those are models hired by artists to portray those characters for brief snapshots. The model for Calhoun has been said to be a neighbor of artist Keith Birdsong.
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