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Re: *~Star Trek Books FAQ Latest Edition~*

Few And Far Between

Q. Why is there only one book a month now?
A. Marco Palmieri says, "Our feeling is that we can do a better job, both editorially and sales-wise, by putting greater energy and effort into fewer and more carefully chosen projects, making the line leaner, meaner, and stronger. The respite being take from studio-produced Star Trek reinforces that strategy." While there may be fewer books, the quality will improve, and often the books are longer.

Q. Why aren't there any more Star Trek comics?
A. Oh, but there are! IDW is publishing a number of miniseries set throughout the Star Trek universe. So far, they include:
-- The Next Generation: The Space Between (January - July 2007, collected in September)
-- TOS: Klingons: Blood Will Tell (April-August 2007)
-- The Original Series: Year Four (July - December 2007)
-- Alien Spotlight (September 2007-February 2008, March-August 2009)
-- TOS: Year Four (July 2007-January 2008)
-- Alien Spotlight (September 2007 - February 2008)
-- The Next Generation: Intelligence Gathering (January - May 2008)
-- NF: Turnaround (March-July 2008)
-- TOS: Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment (April-August 2008)
-- TOS: Assignment: Earth (May-September 2008)
-- The Original Series: Mirror Images series (July-November 2008)
-- TOS: Romulans: The Hollow Crown (September-October 2008)
-- Star Trek: Countdown (2009) A prequel/reboot to the upcoming ST11 movie.
-- Star Trek: The Last Generation Under the Mirror Universe banner (2009)

Tokyopop has released four anthologies of TOS manga:
-- TOS: Shinsei Shinsei
-- TOS: Kakan ni Shinkou
-- TOS: Uchu
-- TNG: Boukenshin.

Also forthcoming are TOS: Spock: Reflections and the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan adaptation, with more beyond that not yet announced.

Q. Why are the Corps of Engineers paperback reprints so rare? What about the other eBook miniseries?
A. Only so many books fit on the schedule every year and the editors do their best to maintain a balanced approach, meaning there is not always room for eBook reprints. Besides, you can always just buy the eBooks. In November 2006, the reprints switched to trade paperback format, and each volume has contained between six and eight eBooks. The most recent COE title was Wounds in fall 2008, and the TOS anniversary miniseries Mere Anarchy was put in dead-tree form in spring 2009. Next up is another COE volume, Out of the Cocoon, due in December 2010.

There will possibly be a collection for Slings and Arrows, it was at one point on the tentative schedule. However, there were layoffs in 2008 which has messed with things, giving more work to fewer people so at the moment, it has no release date.

Q. Will there be any more Myriad Universes anthologies / stories?
A. Yes, Shattered Light is scheduled for 2010. It was originally slated for 2009, but because of layoffs at Pocket it was pushed back. Also, IDW Comics has published a 5-part miniseries, Star Trek: The Last Generation, under the MyrU banner. The last part came out in March 2009, and the five parts will shortly be collected in one volume.

Q. Why are there so few [insert series name] books this year? Does Pocket hate me and want to destroy my favorite series?
A. No. As said before, Pocket tries its best to create a balanced approach, however this balance is achieved over several years, not within each year, to give them more freedom. Hence, 2006 was TOS-heavy, thanks to the 40th anniversary, and 2007 was TNG-heavy, thanks to its 20th anniversary, and so on. The reduction to one mass-market-paperback book a month also means that there a limited number of slots in any given year, so your favorite series might show up less often from now on.

During the last five years (Jan 2004 - Dec 2008), the series distributions broke down thusly (thanks to Keith DeCandido):
-- Cross-series: 18%
-- classic Star Trek: 19%
-- The Next Generation: 18%
-- Deep Space Nine: 10%
-- Voyager: 7%
-- Corps of Engineers: 8%
-- Enterprise: 6%
-- New Frontier: 2%
-- Stargazer: 2%
-- Titan: 4%
-- I.K.S. Gorkon/Klingon Empire: 2%
-- Vanguard: 3%

Q. Where are my nonfiction books?
A. Nonfiction sales have been abysmally down for Pocket's Star Trek books recently; their last big effort, Star Charts, apparently sold very poorly despite being the coolest book ever. There have been a few books recently:
Fall/Winter 2006: Voyages of Imagination: The Star Trek Fiction Companion (a guide to the prose fiction) and Ships of the Line (a collection of pretty starship pictures).
2008: Captain Kirk's Guide to Women and Star Trek 101.

There has been no word on any new editions of the Encyclopedia or Chronology or an Enterprise Companion. They simply won't sell well enough and Pocket won't not publish them if they can't make money.

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