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Re: *~Star Trek Books FAQ Latest Edition~*

Series Questions

Q. What is the chronological order of the DS9 post-finale titles?
A. Largely the same, but with a few changes:
Terok Nor (Set before the TV series (part of the Lost Era, the novels were released April-June 2008))
--Day of Vipers
--Night of the Wolves
--Dawn of the Eagles
The Never-Ending Sacrifice (from season 2 to a few months beyond Soul Key (2009))
The Left Hand of Destiny
The Lives of Dax

Gateways #4 & #7
Mission: Gamma
Rising Son (starts just after Avatar and ends at the same time as Mission: Gamma #4)
Worlds of Deep Space Nine

-- Trill
-- Bajor
-- Andor
-- Ferenginar
-- Cardassia
-- The Dominion
Fearful Symmetry

The Soul Key

A timeline of these plus related materials can be found here:

Q. Will there be more post-finale titles after Warpath / Fearful Symmetry etc? What's taking so long?
A. Yes! Fearful Symmetry came out July 2008, following many scheduling delays and a switch of authors. The Soul Key is due to come out August 2009, and The Never-Ending Sacrifice is due out in September 2009.

And yes, there was a big delay after Warpath that gave us withdrawal. Fearful Symmetry was supposed to be about a year behind Warpath and finish off that arc (from WoDS9 vol. 2's Bajor novella and vol. 3's Dominion one). But the author (Leana Morrow) was dropped from the project for unspecified reasons. So the new author, Olivia Woods, had to do a complete rewrite. Apparently the rewrite was a far longer book than the original, leading to either a longer delay (and unhappy publishers) or: split the story and publish one quickly, and the second part later. They opted for the latter alternative and after some delay gave us the Fearful Symmetry flip-book. The rest of that arc will be revealed in August 2009's the Soul Key.

Also, the Destiny Trilogy (cross-over series) by David Mack, Oct.-Dec. 2008 has some DS9 faces in it.

Q. What's Worf doing on the Enterprise these days? And what happened to Martin Madden?
A. Worf is on the Enterprise-E because it was clearly the implication of Nemesis that he was back in Starfleet-- he's still there on the ship in the film's epilogue, at what must be weeks after the main body of the film, which would make no sense if he was just hanging out to go to the wedding. The natural position for him, given the duties he carried out in DS9, is executive officer, so the fiction has elected not to use Martin Madden, who was after all only featured in a (hilarious) deleted scene, and is thus non-canonical.

Q. Are the String Theory novels or the Distant Shores anthology parts of the Voyager Post-Finale series?
A. No. They are set during the series between seasons 4 and 5.

Q. When is the next Voyager Post-Finale novel coming? Why the long delay after Enemy Of My Enemy?
A. The series is not dead, it was just on hold for a while. After Enemy Of My Enemy the sole author (Christie Golden) of the series at the time said on her website that the Voyager projects were “going to be pushed to the back burner” and that she was “(rather happily) tied up for the next while. I do hope to return to them at some point, but it won’t be for at least another year.” What was in 2006.

Now, in 2009 as you'll note, Voyager books have continued since then by Kirsten Beyer with Full Circle and the forthcoming Unworthy.

Another reason for the long delay is that editor (John Ordover) left Pocket. It took a while to decide who would handle the editing of the Voyager novels, a job that eventually went to Marco Palmieri. After that, the anniversary trilogy String Theory (set during the VOY series) was in development, and had to be completed before the post-finale novels could take a new direction.

Following String Theory Kirsten Beyer was chosen to write the new Voyager novels, with the added complication that the stories should be unified around the Destiny trilogy. Senior Editor Marco Palmieri thought that the return of post-finale Voyager novels after so long would have greater impact if what was originally planned to be two books was instead released in a single volume. After three years of work and waiting, that single volume, Full Circle, was released in the spring of 2009.

Q. Many people here seem to dislike the Voyager post-finale direction, so how on Earth can the novels be selling well?
A. A few rather vocal people on the Internet do not represent the entirety of the readership of the Trek literature. These books went into several reprints and are doing quite well regardless of what you may have read elsewhere.

Q. Why is Christie Golden the only author for the Voyager series? DS9/Vanguard/Titan et al. all have other authors...
A. Christie's past Voyager books (pre-“relaunch”) apparently did quite well as well, which is the reason she has written many books for VOY. And the creative decision to use her as the only author was of the editor of the series at the time (John Ordover). Now you will note that she has not written the last Voyager novels- Kirsten Beyer has, and there is another lined up for the future.

Q. Can we see the Voyager characters in any other novels after they have returned home?
A. Yes. Tuvok appears in the Titan series. Janeway appears in several (almost all) of the TNG novels from the A Time To Series to the post-Nemesis TNG novels. Several characters will appear in the aforementioned Destiny trilogy. And Mirror and Alternate universe versions of the characters can be seen in the various Myriad Universe and Mirror Universe novels/Anthologies.

Q. What is Star Trek: Titan?
A. The series entitled Star Trek: Titan started in April 2005, and is about Captain Riker's U.S.S. Titan. The series features many new and old characters. Those novels are as follows:
-- Taking Wing by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels
-- The Red King by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels
-- Orion's Hounds by Christopher L. Bennett
-- Sword of Damocles by Geoffrey Thorne
-- Destiny Trilogy (cross-over series) by David Mack, October-December 2008.
-- Over a Torrent Sea by Christopher L. Bennett
-- Synthesis by James Swallow (forthcoming November 2009)

Q. What's the deal with Star Trek: Corps of Engineers?
A. Corps of Engineers (originally S.C.E.) is a series of eBooks chronicling the adventures of a Starfleet Corps of Engineers team aboard the U.S.S. da Vinci. The title was changed to make the topic of the series more explicit to new readers, and the numbering was dropped at the same time to remove the intimidation factor that comes with a book being #62 in a series. In total, there are 74 SCE stories written, but the series is on hold indefinitely. The ebooks have been coming out as paperbacks in groups of about 3-6 stories. The Memory Alpha CoE page has a complete list of stories and authors, and which stories have been printed.

Q. What is Star Trek: Vanguard?
A. Vanguard is a fiction series that started in 2005 and was edited by Marco Palmieri who said, "Vanguard centers around a Federation starbase and the ships assigned to it during the time of The Original Series. It's about chasing an ancient mystery having to do with the remote region of space in which the station has been established." Anyone who suggests this series is "DS9 in the 23rd century" will be promptly reprimanded... fatally. The titles are:
-- Harbinger by David Mack
-- Summon the Thunder by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore
-- Reap the Whirlwind by David Mack
-- Open Secrets by Dayton Ward (forthcoming May 2009)
-- Precipice by David Mack (forthcoming December 2009)

Q. What on earth is The Lost Era?
A. The various The Lost Era novels take place between the end of TOS movies, and first season of TNG, from the years 2289 to 2369. They flesh out events that have mostly been alluded to onscreen, and provide back stories for many recurring characters, including Leonard James Akaar. The Terok Nor trilogy from 2008 about the occupation of Bajor is included in the Lost Era series. The novels are:
-- The Sundered by Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels
--Serpents Among the Ruins by David R. George III
--The Art of the Impossible by Keith R.A. DeCandido
--Well of Souls by Ilsa J. Bick
--Deny Thy Father by Jeff Mariotte
--Catalyst of Sorrows by Margaret Wander Bonanno
--The Buried Age by Christopher L. Bennett
--Terok Nor Day of the Vipers by James Swallow
--Terok Nor Night of the Wolves by S.D. Perry & Britta Dennison
--Terok Nor Dawn of the Eagles by S.D. Perry & Britta Dennison

Q. What is the Shatnerverse?
A. In order to prevent confusion, those novels written in collaboration between the Reeves-Stevens and William Shatner (which depict Kirk alive following his death in Generations) have been set aside in their own continuity. This way, casual references to Kirk being alive will not slip into other books and confuse the poor readers. However, this has not stopped the Shatnerverse books from referencing other works, including Ship of the Line and The Dominion War Tetralogy. The novels in the Shatnerverse are:
-- The Ashes of Eden
-- The Return
-- Avenger

The Mirror Universe Trilogy
-- Spectre
-- Dark Victory
-- Preserver

-- Captain's Peril
-- Captain's Blood
-- Captain's Glory

-- Collision Course

With the "Academy" strand, the Shatner books have taken a jump back in time to the 23rd century. There is apparently one more book in this strand forthcoming. Denny Crane.

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