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Re: *~Star Trek Books FAQ Latest Edition~*

Upcoming/Missing Projects

Q. When will [Rumored/Announced Book X] come out?
  • The Yesterday Saga #3-5 by A.C. Crispin. This project has been canceled for reasons unknown.
  • Split Infinities/Other Times. This project has been renamed Myriad Universes to tie into the highly successful Mirror Universe collections of 2007. Two three-novel collections came out in July and August 2008, Infinity's Prism by Christopher L. Bennett, William Leisner, and James Swallow and Echoes and Refractions by Keith R.A. DeCandido, Chris Roberson, and Geoff Trowbridge. Shattered Light is scheduled for 2010 with three novel length stories by David R. George III, Steve Mollmann and Michael Schuster, and Scott Pearson.
  • Mirror Universe. The latest was Shards and Shadows, which came out in January 2009 with 12 stories.
  • The Lost Era. The seventh Lost Era novel, The Next Generation: The Buried Age by Christopher L. Bennett, came out in 2007. Another one, about Sisko during the Tzenkethi War, was Marco Palmieri's project. Since he was laid off in December 2008, there has been no official word on the future of the novel or if there will be one.
Also, the Terok Nor trilogy from late 2008 is part of the Lost Era.
  • Articles of the Federation II by Keith R.A. DeCandido. Despite popular acclaim on the Internet, this book did not sell well enough to warrant a sequel.
  • DS9 Post Fiction Omnibus after These Haunted Seas. These books did not sell as well as expected, so continued anthologies are not expected at this time.
  • The Crucible omnibus of the 3 Crucible novels by David R. George III was supposed to be released in May 2009 with some new material and fancy cover art. Unfortunately, it has been canceled...
  • Star Trek: Core of Engineers. The remaining ebooks will eventually be printed as paperbacks. But as for new stories, the series is on hold indefinitely.
Q. What happened to Challenger?
A. Star Trek: Challenger is on hold while Diane Carey pursues development of original fiction. Its return is indefinite. Marco Palmieri explains: "Not to confuse the issue with the obvious, but there never was a Challenger series. Only the hope that it would continue in much the same manner as, say, New Frontier. The mistake on our end, clearly, was touting it as a new series prematurely."

Q. Who's going to be on the cover of new TOS books, the classic cast or that of J.J. Abrams's Star Trek?
A. What will happen to the future TOS book covers isn't exactly certain. It'll probably depend on who is in the stories themselves. The latest and the closest novels in the upcoming schedule have the classic cast- the recent Mere Anarchy anthology, the sadly canceled Crucible omnibus and Troublesome Minds (forthcoming May/June 2009).

Q. If I've heard about a book and it isn't on the schedule, does that mean it was canceled?
A. No. There are always plenty of books in development that haven't been scheduled yet. And remember, the schedule is always tentative and subject to change. In addition to the economy, there have been health/pregnancy delays, author changes, or even some extra time need for the sake of making sure the books don't contradict each other... So just keep checking back to see if things got shuffled around.

Q. Is there a good place to find out about books that actually were canceled?
A. Yes there is! Check out Steve Roby's page, Star Trek: The Lost Books. The page also has information on the oft-mentioned Probe/Music of the Spheres and A Flag Full of Stars debacles.
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