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*~Star Trek Books FAQ 2009 Edition~*

Trek Literature FAQ
Stolen from Steve Mollmann and updated in April 2009. (Now with a fresh lavender scent).

This is a list of questions that are frequently asked about Star Trek books. Reading this before you post will help you avoid unneeded brutality on the part of forum regulars, who think these questions are asked too much!


Upcoming/Missing Projects
-- When will [Rumored/Announced Book X] come out?
-- What happened to Challenger?
-- Who's going to be on the cover of new TOS books, the classic cast or that of J.J. Abrams's Star Trek?
-- If I've heard about a book and it isn't on the schedule, does that mean it was canceled?
-- Is there a good place to find out about books that actually were canceled?

Reading Orders for the Post-Finale Series:
-- Deep Space 9 titles
-- The Next Generation post-Nemesis novels
-- Voyager post-finale novels
-- Enterprise post-finale novels
-- Where does A Singular Destiny fit in?

Series Questions
-- What is the chronological order of the Deep Space Nine post-finale titles?
-- Will there be more post-finale titles after Warpath/Fearful Symmetry etc? What's taking so long?
-- What's Worf doing on the Enterprise these days? And what happened to Martin Madden?
-- Are the String Theory novels or the Distant Shores anthology parts of the Voyager post-finale series?
-- When is the next Voyager post-finale novel coming? Why the long delay after Enemy Of My Enemy?
-- Many people here seem to dislike the Voyager post-finale direction, so how on earth can the novels be selling well?
-- Why is Christie Golden the only author for the Voyager series? DS9/Vanguard/Titan et al. have other authors...
-- Can we see the Voyager characters in any other novels after they have returned home?
-- What is Star Trek: Titan?
-- What's the deal with Star Trek: Corps of Engineers?
-- What is Star Trek: Vanguard?
-- What on earth is The Lost Era?
-- What is the Shatnerverse?

Few and Far Between

-- Why is there only one book a month now?
-- Why aren't there any more Star Trek comics?
-- Why are the Corps of Engineers paperback reprints so rare? What about the other eBook miniseries?
-- Will there be any more Myriad Universes anthologies / stories?
-- Why are there so few [insert series name] books this year? Does Pocket hate me and want to destroy my favorite series?
-- Where are my nonfiction books?

People of Trek Lit

-- Who are the Pocket editors for Star Trek books now?
-- Who is Richard Arnold?
-- Who are the people on the covers of the books "playing" Calhoun, Vaughn, et al.?

-- Do I need to read book X before book Y?
-- What happened to the Strange New Worlds anthologies/short fiction contests?
-- What happened in Stargazer: Oblivion on pages 72, 74, 195, and 197?
-- What's a good source of information on Star Trek novels?
-- Where can I find author annotations for the various books? These continuity references are drowning me!

Questions to Never Ask
-- Which Star Trek books are canon? What's the difference between the terms canon/continuity/official?
-- Why is this month's book late?
-- I have this extraordinary idea I want one of the writers to use in their next novel! Can I talk about the plot of my fan fiction story here? Would one of the writers here take a look at my story and tell me how good it is?
-- Why are there gay people in the books?

I'd like to thank Una McCormack and Andy Mangels for tolerating the interrogations and KRAD (especially for the gargantuan comic searching and myriad of other things I buried him with!) I must thank Thrawn for all his help, as well as Xeris and Idolislide for their ideas. Also to CLB, LightingStorm and Rosalind for stepping up to the plate again.

From Steve Mollmann's FAQ:
Thanks to Geoff "Wersgor" Hamell for suggesting this; Michael Schuster, John "Pf2144", Will Devine, Andrew Timson, Ian "Therin of Andor" McLean, Bob "Bobatiel" Manojlovich, Christopher Bennett, Kevin Killiany, "Rosalind", Brendan "RulanAllwine" Moody, "Q420", "captcalhoun", "Sci", David Mack, William Leisner, Mark "mmtz" Martinez, "JWolf", and "JD" for their suggestions and assistance; Slave of Seven, Aatrek, Mel "Emh" Orr, and Rosalind for updating and pinning this; and Keith DeCandido, Marco Palmieri, Ann Crispin, and Margaret Clark for patiently answering some questions. Hopefully this will be the last time they're asked. (As if!)
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