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Re: Lost 5x13: "Some Like It Hoth"

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That's actually crossed my mind lately. I wonder if that came out of a time jump.
We do know now that the island continues to jump through time, right? I'm reminded of a scene with Hurley and Sayid in an early episode where they're listening to a radio, and they hear music that might have been from like the 1940s or something. Sayid says since radio signals bounce off of the atmosphere (or something like that), it could have come from anywhere, and Hurley says "Or any time..."

At first I thought he was joking, but maybe they really were in the 1940s at that moment, and they just didn't know it.
The problem is that the Sun, Moon, stars, and clouds are all part of the outside world, so if the Island itself skips through time, then how come no one ever notices sudden shifts in the sky, like it suddenly shifts from day to night, or the cloud cover shifts instantaneously?
After I wrote that post, I started wondering the same thing. Any observant person like, oh, say, Sayid, or anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of science (paging Dr. Arzt!) would have noticed something like that.
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We do know now that the island continues to jump through time, right?
Actually no, we don't know that. At least that's not how I understood it.
That's right. John stopped the Island from jumping through time when he used the wheel.

Otherwise people would still be dying from nose bleeds, brain damage, etc...
What was the whole point of the Lamp Post, then? It was designed to locate the island's whereabouts, in both space and time. The way I understood it, the island is never in one set time period, but after Ben moved it, he disrupted the process, and that's why every jump was hurting the people who'd been displaced (i.e. Sawyer and company).
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