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Re: What if a BSG-styled remake of Babylon 5 was made?

No Joss Whedon humour.

If I were making a re-imagined B5 here is something I'd do.

We were promised this galaxy-wide war early on and what we got, though quite grand, never seemed to live up to that. One way of getting around really expensive CGI would be to do some kind of scroll(I am thinking like the one they did at the beginning of "Emissary" for DS9)with reports from various sectors and quadrants. You show brief, couple of second clips of fleets, squadrons of soldiers going into battle(again, CGI but BRIEF)and, through the written word, you convey SWEEPING and VAST conflicts.

I always envisioned this for B5 but never felt the displayed depictions of "WAR!!!" were extensive enough. You don't need much - you just to convey that it is affecting EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE.
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