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Re: The Office 5x22 'Broke' Discuss & Grade SPOILERS

It was a satisfying conclusion to the story arc, but, personally, outside of Pam becoming a salesperson, the arc seemed very throwaway.

I was getting really sick of the "Crap on Jim" that Charles kept doing. It seemed very childish of Charles to keep belittling Jim continuously (although, I admit, Jim did stumble into it at times). I did like how Jim finally was able to shine as David likes Jim (a fact I am glad the writers didn't forget).

Also, I don't get why David Wallace always gives Michael the benefit of the doubt and constantly puts up with Micheal's antics. I know that, apparently/somehow, Michael is a good sales person (and, by proxy, manager), but I cannot see any CEO giving what he gave to Michael so easily, regardless on how "good" he is.

Also, what was the exact settlement? The 60 thousand and their jobs back? Or one or the other. Also, was Charles fired outright or is he simply going to be transferred? They were never clear on that.

Charles is suppose to reappear in the season ender. I wonder how that will play.
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