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Re: Another take on the Original Enterprise...

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Cary, I've gotta say [jog, jog, jog to the right] that this model is fantastic. [jog, jog, jog back] And the ten foot deck height [jog, jog, jog back out to the right] seems perfectly reasonable and [jog, jog, jog once more to the left] even leaves room for goofiness like Jefferies tubes [walk, walk, walk to the right] between decks if one assumes the tubes run like [walk, walk walk back to the left] duct work over working spaces.

(Just let ... me catch ... my breath ... a minute.)

Also, let me congratulate you [limp, limp, limp to the right] on creating a thread that burns calories. Could you please put in some turbolifts? 'Cause I'm done going back and forth and plan to stay right here for the remainder of the discussion otherwise.
Hey, I'm just trying to ensure the physical fitness of my peers...

Seriously.. didn't mean to cause problems. I have to admit, it's hard to judge by sight, since I'm running this 30" 120hz panel and those images only span half my screen. I did read PTrope's "pinned" thread and so I'll do my best to comply with that from hereon out.

And on that note...

I've done a bit more with internal layout and windows. The really interesting thing is that the "ring corridor set" used in the physical sets really makes a LOT of sense, especially at this scale. There are six decks where this is the ideal corridor size. The "weapons deck" has a smaller corridor (but since we've only seen this deck once, in "Balance of Terror," and only seen the corridor once as Spock ran back to the phaser control room) I don't have a problem with a minor tweak to what was seen on-screen there.

By the way, one thing I've done is created four big "lounge" areas at 45-degree angles around the primary hull outer diameter. I'm assuming one of these is where the Koridian Players did their performance, and one is going to be the gymnasium (from Charley X). The aft portion of the outer ring will be impulse engineering (including two control rooms which will look something like main engineering, but will be oriented tangentially to the ring rather than radially, and both facing towards the impulse engine core). I'm thinking that the lower portion of the ring may also include some 6-person lifeboats (ejected radially, much like was seen in "In a Mirror, Darkly" on the mirror NX-01).

All my internal walls are now 0.735m thick, to match the physical sets.

The good thing here is that six of the primary hull decks have the actual physical ring corridor, so pretty much every shot from the series (except for those involving main engineering) can be made to work.

Because I'm going with a lot of non-habitation space in the primary hull (and also in the secondary hull) the idea of everyone having their own cabin is, as expected, going to go by the wayside. A few lower ranked personnel will have private cabins, but this will be due to the requirements of their job (such as Rand, who serves as the Captain's secretary and works extensively from her cabin). Most crew will be 4-up, with higher-ranked ones being 2-up, as will the jr. officers (like Chekov). Higher-ranking officers will have private cabins on Deck 5, of course.

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