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Re: What is your favorite Star Trek uniform?

I can't believe so many people like the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" season 3-7 uniforms. I used to like them mostly because of nostalgia because they are the uniforms I grew up seeing, but I'm starting to think they're really ridiculous. The collars are just too high, and it sucks that Picard and Riker have to keep pulling them down because they're so awkwardly designed at the bottom of the shirt. I must be the only person who liked the season one uniform more - I just find that line around the chest much more pleasing aesthetically than the collars.

I loved the First Contact uniforms when I first saw them because it was the first TNG movie I saw and obviously a huge improvement in terms of design and richness of colour compared to the TV uniform, but I find myself disenchanted with those now. Part of the reason is because I'm getting sick of them having to see them on DS9 (just started watching it in the past year) and the grey is starting to look dull to me.

Now my favourite is the early DS9 uniform. I love how much more varied and colourful it makes the cast look, with the colours being highlighted more since they spread across the shoulders instead of just being mostly buried under the grey. However, after watching First Contact yesterday, I have to admit that for some reason Data looks a lot cooler in the grey uniform than he does in the one with the yellow shoulders. I think the best single uniforms (as in not worn by everyone, but just one person) are Picard's vest in First Contact, Kirk's green wraparound tunic, and Picard's jacket over grey shirt. All very unique, classy-looking, and absolutely perfect for their wearers.
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