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Sigils and Unions: Catacombs of Oralius "Better a Soul than a Kingdom"

OK, before I post this...please note I DID NOT HAVE A REFERENCE WHEN DRAWING THIS. I was at a hotel with no Internet access and had to do this completely by memory. Therefore the resemblance will not be perfect. I can see the problems and I'm aware of it.

However, I thought this would give you an idea of the dress and demeanor of my alternate version of Skrain Dukat. He comes from a universe where Cardassian and Bajoran roles have been reversed, and the worlds of Cardassia have been occupied. The Cardassians, in this universe, are largely believers in the Oralian Way; the Cardassian Union as we know it never came about. The Bajorans are largely Pah-Wraith worshippers and see it as their religious duty to conquer the Cardassians both physically and in soul.

Skrain Dukat has been through absolute hell. Yet he's made much better choices than the canon Dukat: his faith centers him in a way the canon Dukat never was. He's one of the primary leaders of the Cardassian Resistance.

If you'd like to read his stories, I'd be pleased to direct you to them. I said, THIS IS NOT PERFECT BY ANY MEANS. It's NOT what I could've done if I had a reference available. But as a guide to his clothing, style, and demeanor...I think it works.

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