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Re: IRON MAN: ARMORED ADVENTURES: "Iron Forged in Fire" (Spoilers)

I dunno from what I've seen of this one, I'm not a fan and I'm a HUGE Iron Man fan. I actually enjoyed the old Iron Man cartoon from the 90s - especially that second season, boy that was a kickass opening theme. Sure was typical 90s superhero stuff, but at least it wasn't this pseudo 3D/Cel shaded junk they pass off as animation. And the way they hyped this show on you'd think they sunk all kinds of money and resources into it. Kind of reminds me of that MTV Spider-Man show they did after Spider-Man 1. Which failed.

I give it a barely 13 episode run before it's dropped and then you find the whole works on DVD which you can barely give away.

And they're even making toys based on this show too... I can hear the clearance endcaps calling them already. And they'll probably charge like $11 bucks a figure too. I think they would have been better served making a more realistic or traditionally animated Iron Man 'toon that was skewed a tad older that could have sort of acted like an in between filler with Iron Man 1 and 2. Even if Tony's doing nothing more than going after industrial spies, maybe some colorful criminals robbing banks or hijacking shipments and dating analogues to pop celebrities lol.
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