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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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"Fair Trade" was boring beyond belief. I remember watching it with someone and we both just turned to each other and said "basically nothing interesting whatsoever happened in that episode".
Well they made Neelix a sympathetic character that I didn't want to punch in the face, that was so unusual for Voyager that it piqued my interest. I liked how he felt guilty about Wixban going to jail and him getting away scot-free, so Neelix was willing to bend his ethics in order to help him out.

Well, here's goes...

Coda (0)

I can only imagine the break-meeting for this episode.

Jeri Taylor: I have an idea for an episode where Janeway has a near death experience and her father tries to convince her to join him in the afterlife. It could be a profound character piece.
Joe Menosky: Good idea, but her father should really be an evil alien who wants to eat her soul.
Brannon Braga: People seem to love Cause and Effect, how about we throw in some time loops for absolutely no reason?
Kenneth Biller: Don't forget to add a shuttle crash or two. This is Voyager after all.
Jeri Taylor: All your ideas are crap! But I'm feeling too lazy to do the work required to write a good episode, so I'll use them anyway.

I don't give out zero scores lightly, but this episode was an utter mess and I cannot in good conscience give it any points for anything. I even read Jammer's review of the episode before posting (something which I never do because I don't want other people's opinions to have an effect on my own) in the hope that it would remind me of some reason to give it at least half a star, but all that did is remind me of all the things I hated about it. It isn't worse than Threshold, but what Coda and Threshold have in common is that they are both so utterly insulting to my limited intellect that I just don't care to rip them apart.

Just ten episodes more until Scorpion... hold on Ben... just ten episodes....
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