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Re: What is your favorite Star Trek uniform?

My favorite uniform of all Trek is Captain Kirk's wraparound from the first season, as seen in "The Enemy Within," "Charlie X," and "Court Martial." I even own a damn near close replica of it. Gotta change the braid to something a bit more accurate. Oh, and the ship's patch also needs to be changed out. Right now, it's the third-season more pointy emblem, not the rounded tip of the earlier seasons.

Okay, I'm a Trek uniform geek. There I admit it.

Then it's TOS in general.

Second, the TMP uniforms because of the variety they had.

Third, the first and second season TNG uniforms. I like the clean lines of Thesis design, although I would've gone with a more forgiving fabric. You have to be really fit to wear one of those puppies.

Finally, the utilitarian look of ENT. In fact, I loved the entire look of that series overall. The uniforms, the NX-01, and the sets.

But I gotta say, I'm loving the nuTrek uniforms.
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