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Re: What is your favorite Star Trek uniform?

You know...I've always wondered what those TWoK onward movie "band uniforms" would have looked like if they weren't just red...but red, gold, and blue, like the TOS ones...

Would they have looked to....garish...and silly? (The colors could have been muted, not technicolor or anything...)

^Though, that would have been a good time to implement the later TNG-ear change between who wore red or gold...I can't imagine Shatner looking so good in a gold version of the TWoK/TSFS/etc uniform for some just seems to suit him better in the films... *shrug* (Maybe that's because that's just what color I am *used* to seeing him wear in the films! Lol!)

I did read once - many years after first seeing the first three post TMP-movies - that the undershirts, jacket lining/backing & shoulder strap's of the TWoK red uniforms were supposed to be color-coded for department...but they didn't always follow that (and white seemed to be the default "dress" undershirt color) and I don't think most people noticed it even...(I sure didn't until it was pointed out to me!)
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