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A Bad Idea (tm) made worse by the fact that Denise Crosby can't act.
I am shocked and appalled. I admit she didn't have quite the chops of some of the other cast members, but I thought she was a decent actress. And if I ever doubt her ability, all I need to do is watch "Yesterday's Enterprise". I truly believe she gave a tremendously intense and emotional performance in that episode.

While lot of the credit for that episode's resonance is due to the writing and the performances by the rest of the cast (I love the way Patrick Stewart plays Picard's frustration at Guinan's vagueness about her feelings), I am certain that Crosby's acting was an integral part of what made that episode work so beautifully. She may have been a limited actress, but given the right dialogue and character arc (neither of which she quite had in "Unification", to get back on topic), I think she was capable of some great work.

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