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Re: Another take on the Original Enterprise...

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I recall that it was either you who determined, or you who pointed out in this forum, the little "every section isn't exactly 18 degrees" thing, wasn't it?
No, that was MGagen who discovered that aspect of the bridge.

I'm not entirely convinced that either one is "more right" than the other in every regard...
I look at both as two different views of the same object. Where the two agree tends to not be very interesting, but where they disagree, it is great to go back to the model if possible.

Both got things right and both got things wrong, but in the end the more sources you have to work from, the more likely you are to have the correct details at hand (even if they aren't completely obvious to begin with).

Windows, in particular, are going to be different on my ship than on EITHER of those plans. Very very close to both, certainly, but I'm going to try to get a consistent "eye level" centerline for the windows, which I don't believe can really be achieved with ANY of the versions we've seen so far...
That is a fair modification... specially getting rid of the port holes as windows as we never saw a port hole shaped windows in the series.

I noticed that you were making the bottom decks of the primary hull removable... I had thought of the same idea back in 1991 when I did some plans of the Constellation. Of course the rationale for me was that that part of the Constellation model was missing in the episode (when viewed from behind).

But yeah, at this late date I doubt that there is really a right way of doing any of this, which is why I love seeing everyone's versions.
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