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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Alter Ego (*)

I don't think I ever saw the very beginning of this episode because I was of the opinion that the nebula in this episode was the Nekrit Expanse from Fair Trade. I'm a bit annoyed that it is not because I used to credit the episode for the small nod to continuity, but apparently it doesn't deserve it.

This is an episode which starts bad, there's a little bit of hope in the middle, and then it descends into rubbish territory. Tuvok acts like a completely out-of-character asshole at the beginning of this episode, he reminds me of how Spock acted in That Which Survives and that is not a good thing. "Vulcans do not mingle." No Tuvok, you don't mingle, stop attributing your societal failings as being part of your race, it is complete BS.

When Tuvok first meets Marayna there is a nice scene where it is clear she understands him and for a moment I thought she was going to call him on his BS so that he would come to a realisation about himself. But no, she's an evil hologram and she is going to strangle B'Elanna and destroy the ship!

Any act which ends with the line "<Insert demand here> or I'll destroy your ship!" needs to be jettisoned. It is lazy and cliched beyond redemption.

One thing which has always annoyed me about Star Trek is that the writers constantly mistake an interface with a computer. When on the holodeck, Paris shoots a computer panel and the evil holograms who are trying to kill them go away. This isn't a problem limited to Voyager, I've seen this on all the different Trek incarnations, and it makes about as much sense as saying that destroying my computer's keyboard will clear it of a virus.

The only redeeming quality I could find for this episode is one nice scene when Tuvok meets Marayna for the first time, everything else is pretty bad.
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