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Re: The Office 5x22 'Broke' Discuss & Grade SPOILERS

Roger Wilco wrote: View Post
Jim's scene where he made Dwight discredit himself in front of the new boss to ensure he doesn't mess up Michael's deal was great. For a while I thought he might sell out Michael Scott Paper to get a better standing with corporate - I'm glad he didn't.
Yeah, I expected him to interrupt before Dwight spoke up, and perhaps convince Dwight that the deal was in his best interest, but the way he dealt with it was pretty damn smooth and funny as hell.

Docbrown777 wrote: View Post
No, you're done.

Yeah it was pretty good. I found myself cheering too. Saying, "come on Micheal keep it together just a little longer. Don't screw it up." This story arch was good. That's what they need to do to keep the series fresh. Keep mixing stuff up like that.
"No, you're done" was a great send off to an annoying character.

I was doing the same thing, telling Michael out loud not to screw it up to the screen.
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