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The Office 5x22 'Broke' Discuss & Grade SPOILERS

Vague and misleading (the second part is barely mentioned in the episode) plot description below:

Michael's new company struggles to make early morning deliveries while the office tries to get their expense reports in on time after Angela enforces Dunder Mifflin's policy.
I'm surprised there wasn't a topic for this one yet.

Best episode of the season so far. Excellent.

I'll avoid being too specific until more people post, but you can still figure out most of what happened if you read my comments below, so if you don't want to be spoiled don't read them.

I'm impressed that for a story arc where you pretty much knew what the outcome would eventually be, that this had me on the edge of my seat throughout the last half of the episode, literally cheering for the twists and turns, hoping Michael wouldn't screw it up or Dwight sabotage it. It wasn't even an out-and-out hilarious episode, though there were a few good laughs, it was just a straight up contest between the characters you love and those you love to hate (or just hate outright).

After weeks of Jim looking like a tool, he comes through in a big way several times throughout the episode. Even Ryan came off humbled and likable in this, and Michael redeemed himself completely by showing loyalty to the people that stuck with him despite getting them in this mess in the first place. I love where they're going with Pam too. Just all around a great development and should make for some interesting changes on the show.

Really, I think this was the best possible way they could have ended this arc.
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