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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Roy Keane at Ipswich, not so sure that's a great idea. Seems to have questionable man-management skills and really only achieved anything at Sunderland after spending 80m and having Niall Quinn's unconditional support. He won't have anything like that at Ipswich. I'm surprised he's taken that job to be honest.
He seems to suggest he left Sunderland because Ellis Short was interfering too much, which had not been the case before he became the majority shareholder.

I do agree though - he wasted colossal sums of money on poor players at Sunderland, and only barely avoided relegation last season. On the other hand, his man-management is perhaps more effective in lower leagues than when dealing with premiership egos. Paul Ince and Phil Brown are probably the same.
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