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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

WEEK 9: (Ending 02.28.93)
TNG: Birthright, Part 1 (Airdate 02.22.93)
DS9:The Passenger (Airdate 02.22.93)
B5: The Gathering (Airdate 02.22.93)

Just in case you'd forgotten, there's another Trek show on, so here's a TNG episode that takes place at DS9 to remind you. The crossover seems rather pointless, though, as a story about Data learning to dream and Worf looking for his father could have taken place anywhere. Even Siddig's guest star could have been anyone. If you're gonna doing a series crossover, how's about some more characters, eh? A follow-up Picard/Sisko scene, Riker at Quark's, just somethin', huh? Ah well, Data's story was nice enough, certainly better than DS9's episode.

Yeah, what on Earth happened with The Passenger? If TNG wanted to remind the audience about DS9, this episode probably wasn't the best one to follow-up with. The Odo/Primmin stuff was good but unfortunately treated as an afterthought to the Vantika stuff, which was overwrought at best and hokey at worst. As a funny aside, although I realize there's no official Stardate for The Passenger, if we're to take the airdates of these episodes as roughly the same chronology, then poor Dr. Bashir had one crazy day: first nearly kills Data, gets him to dream, gets to write a paper about it that would obviously give him huge exposure, saves another from death (as per some dialog at the beginning of The Passenger), then becomes possessed by an EEVVIILLLL scientist. Heck, that's one wild week, even!

Meanwhile, in an entirely different universe, a bunch of ambassador aliens are gathering at a space station called Babylon 5, one of which is the victim of an assassination attempt. After a bunch of investigations, hi-jinx, courtroom drama, and shoot-outs/stand-offs, things are mostly resolved, though with a few questions left unanswered. But hey, gets you intrigued for when the show's first season starts, right? (er, in nearly a year, that is) As a pilot movie, The Gathering is actually quite good. Maybe not as good a DS9's, but certainly better than TNG's. If anything, the cast of characters make a strong impression. Peter Jurasik, even with the relatively minor role Londo has in this premiere, was excellent!

DS9 obviously loses out on this week, and as pleasant as the Data storyline was in Birthright, TNG's episode still feels... incomplete. Obviously, the fact it's the first of a two-parter doesn't help, perhaps is even a detriment. After all, aren't TNG's two-parters usually more... epic? The Gathering certainly was, though, so sorry Data fans, but B5's first versus takes this week's crown.

Weekly Winner

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