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It seems that if a person is half of one and half of the other, in their younger years they try may be more a whole of one than Thou, while seeming to reject the other half of their heritage. Leonard Nimoy, playing Spock, did this with finesse through TOS and the ST movies. We learned his Human side wasn't dead and was a great resource.

Sela? I would say good idea/bad execution. I could see Half Human/Half Romulan on the Fed side of the Neutral Zone being a fanatical Fed, but, having to make peace with their supressed inner Romulan. There is no plot opening for Sela to do this.
A half-human, half-Romulan in the Federation would just be a half-human, half-Vulcan, no?

A more interesting take was "The Drumhead". This struck me as the most realistic. Simon Tarses has Romulan ancestry and wants to hide it. Tarses is ambivalent as well. It raises a whole slew of questions of the enlightenment and tolerance of the Federation. One of their citizens felt the need to lie on a Star fleet application.
Yet Tarses told the truth. He claimed he was part Vulcan.

Which raises a troubling notion--he really didn't lie, unless the application was so specific that Starfleet asks you not just what species you are, but what ethnic group from that species. Hey, I wonder if they asked Sisko if his ancestry was from Africa?

Praetor wrote:
Remember the defector DeSeve from 'Face of the Enemy' that had been living on Romulus for years? That, combined with the lack of Romulan resemblance on Sela is actually what made me think of the idea of alternate Yar herself as Sela. It seems to me that an officer from a failed Federation colony who had grown to hate Kliingons after years of war might decide that the way the Federation worked wasn't for her after all, and fit in all too well on Romulus...
The more you expound on this idea, the more sold I am. It avoids some of the questionable aspects of Sela's past while preserving the value of the character.

BadAtom wrote:
I would have believed her character was half-Romulan more if she had black hair. Otherwise, she was okay.
How come? We've had Vulcans display significant morphological diversity. Blonde hair's the least of it.

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