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Re: Spock comic in latest issue of Wired

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^As I understand it, though, the mini-comic in Wired is grounded mainly in the continuity of TOS and its movies. I figure IDW's rights must be non-exclusive, seeing as how TokyoPop is also publishing TOS (and now TNG) comics.
Back when Dan Taylor was IDW Trek editor, he mentioned that IDW had the right of first refusal on DS9, Voyager and Enterprise if they ever wanted to expand out. So that under their agreement with CBS if another company wanted to do comics other than TOS and TNG IDW had to say they didnít want to keep that option open to themselves first. That gave me the impression that did have some level of exclusivity with TOS and TNG which they already opted into.

And from that I assumed Tokyopop got in on a separate license just for comics presented specifically in the manga-style format.

Continuing that train of thought, maybe IDW's license covers specifically a standard comic book presentation, allowing something like this mini-comic in a magazine to not be covered/conflict with that agreement. I believe the Star Trek Magazineís license allows them to produce original Star Trek fiction (don't know if that extends to comics or just prose) too, which would seem like a similar arrangement beside Pocket having the general license for Star Trek prose.
I'm guessing there is an exclusion around material that is considered marketing?
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