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Behind-the-scenes footage - promotional and other

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I remember they usually have a behind the scenes second unit making a film of the movie film making and this is then shown at about release time on TV to promote the film.
Paramount owns the Star Trek movie franchise.
Paramount owns CBS Studios Inc.
CBS Studios Inc. owns "Entertainment Tonight"
Stage 28 on the Paramount Studios lot is the CBS Studio Center where "Entertainment Tonight" is shot.

85-day shoot for the sci-fi flick, the actor informed that eleven stages have been built on the Paramount Lot and two weeks out of the shooting schedule would be spent for filming in Iceland.
I can assure you they will devote a good 10 minutes of their May 8 program to 'Star Trek'. Actually I would be pretty sure they would spend 1-2 minutes on Monday May 4 for Trek promotional stuff.
'ET' shoots on HD and would have had their own cameras on the Paramount Studios sets covering it for their own promotional fluff machine.
I wouldn't be surprised if 'The Early Show' on CBS on Monday May 4 had an actor or two from the movie to promote the show on CBS morning news fluff machine's 2nd hour.
CBS Early Show website [CBS Interactive Inc.] has the logos for CBS, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, CBS Sports, and Star Trek on it HERE. Why would they put Star Trek's logo there?
Oh yes...Major cross-promotion is gonna happen...

With the level of how much behind-the-scenes and documentaries and featurettes contribute to 'special features' on Blu-ray and DVDs 'Special Editions' I'm sure Paramount had a behind-the-scenes camera crew there every day on the lot and on location.

The Blu-ray package of the first 5 feature films coming out on May 12 has:
Each film has a number of brand new special featurettes in HD

Surely a Thanksgiving release of Star Trek XI on Blu-ray/DVD will have a documentary of 'The Making Of' that will be 60-90 minutes in length. Most big films do these days like 'King Kong', and the excellent feature length documentaries on Star Wars I,II,III in the last 10 years that were on those DVDs.
I also would not be surprised if in that documentary they did not cover this year's 'The Official STAR TREK Convention' 2009 in Las Vegas August 6-9, 2009 (Shatner & Nimoy will both be here). Fan reaction in May and at that convention would be good for the documentary.

Now for 2010 :
The possibility of a Directors Cut edition of 'Star Trek XI' with a longer feature length making of documentary and some other special features, and possibly editing back in the deleted scenes.
Which at that point would make those deleted scenes official Star Trek canon. as per THIS THREAD.

"a handful..or, uh, less actually that we ended up not using in the film "

"I actually love that sequence and I'm sure it will be on the DVD when it comes out but it was a great sequence I cut [SPOILER spoken]
Star Trek 11 Conférence Presse Paris Extrait 4 1:07 length video of JJ Abrams
April 14, 2009

Wanna see some 2 images from a Deleted scene and another image

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