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O-Town, Part IV

O-Town, Part IV
“He’s waking up.” Celes said as she saw Rocko start to wake up.

“W-what happened?” Rocko asked.

“We told you exactly who we were and where you came from and you passed out.” Tom replied gently.

“It just feels so overwhelming. I mean that other worlds exist.” Rocko replied.

“Believe me it’s just as overwhelming for us.” Tom added.

“So you’ll help me save Heffer?” Rocko asked.

“Of course.” Tom replied, “Remember those Sausage guys are holding their colleague and their DeLorean too?”

“Yes.” Rocko said.

“We’re willing to help.” Tom said, “That is if you’re willing to let us.”

“Of course.” Rocko said, “Let me call a friend of mine...”

Rocko reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a cell phone and made his call to someone called Filburt. “My friend will be meeting me here, if it’s alright...”

Tom replied, “Sure. Who should we look for?”

“Just look for a turtle with glasses.” Rocko said, “Would it be easier if I met him at my car and explained it to him.”

“If you’ll let one of my team accompany you.” Tom replied.

“We’ll probably need to explain this a bit slower to prevent fainting.” Dalby commented.

“Clearly we’ll also need someone who’s of a more diplomatic bend.” Henry remarked.

“You just volunteered.” Tom replied.

“Right.” Henry replied as he headed out to the road with Rocko.

After about twenty minutes of waiting a small sedan pulled up to where Rocko’s car was parked. An anthromorphic turtle wearing glasses walked out of the vehicle and headed to where Rocko was.

“You called, Rocko?” Filburt replied.

“Yes Filburt.” Rocko said, before introducing Henry, “This is Henry Kano and I’ve got a bit of a long story for you...”

Rocko explained to Filburt the exact circumstances of what had happened.

“That explains a lot.” Filburt said, “That would explain why you don’t seem to be from around here. I’d always figured other worlds existed. But I never thought I’d ever see any proof.”

“Well you’re about to see more proof, mate.” Henry replied as he and Rocko led Filburt towards the wooded clearing where the Jules Verne Train and the Delta Flyer were landed.

As they walked Henry could hear snippets of conversation as they talked.

“Now Heff’s being held captive by the sausage people and it’s all my fault.” Rocko said.

“There there.” Filburt said sympathetically, “It can happen to anyone. Sausages are very seductive...”

What a strange bloody world. Henry thought. Anthromorphic talking Earth animals with roughly a 20th century level of technology.

Henry lead them into the Delta Flyer.

“Guys, this is Filburt. He’s Rocko’s friend.” Henry began as he indicated the small group sitting in various seats around the Flyer.

He pointed towards the pilot seat and said, “That’s Ensign Tom Paris, our pilot and mission commander.”

Henry pointed out a young woman with a ridged nose with some sort of scanning device in her hands, “This is Crewman Tal Celes, our sensor expert.”

Celes looked up and gave a somewhat friendly grin. Henry knew her well enough to know Celes was trying to be hospitable but she was definitely wary.

There was a young man with the same blue uniform that Henry was wearing. He was checking out something on a computer terminal.

“Crewman William Telfer, he’s our team science expert.” Henry supplied.

There was a balding fellow wearing the same black uniform with a gold band that Celes was wearing. His sleeves were rolled up and he was muttering something about repair work.

“That’s Petty Officer Kenneth Dalby, our engineer.” Henry reply.

Henry then indicated an older gentleman with wild eyes and a rather animated matter of speaking, “This is Dr. Emmett Brown of the Institute of Future Technology.”

He indicated the dark haired woman at his side and said, “And this is Mrs. Clara Clayton Brown, his wife.”

“Now that introductions are finished,” Tom replied, “it sounds like we’ve got a mutual enemy in terms of this sausage worshiping cult. But what you don’t know is that they’ve fallen in with some very nasty characters from our universe as well as from Doctor Brown’s. Telfer, call up the display on Armus.”

A holographic projection of a humanoid walking oil slick showed up on a nearby monitor, “This guy is a real bad actor.”

“One question, have their been reports of any unusual disappearances or strange creatures roaming around?” Emmett asked Filburt and Rocko.

“Come to think of it there was a strange animal captured by animal control last week.” Rocko said, “It was described to be all black with antennae and glowing yellow eyes...”

“That’s a Heartless.” Emmett said, “”Based on what I’ve recently learned. It seems that the Heartless are under the sway of Armus. And he’s aligned himself with this particular bad apple...”

Telfer called up an image of Biff Tannen and Emmett continued, “This is Biff Tannen, the CEO of BiffCo. And this gang of miscreants...”

As he spoke Telfer put an image of Match, Skinhead, and 3-D, “Are his bodyguards and enforcers. Their names are Match, Skinhead, and 3-D. It’s important that we stop them or the multiverse as we know it could be inextricably altered!”

“That’s where your goals and ours coincide. We want to rescue their colleague, Marty and recover the DeLorean.” Tom replied.

“There’s still the matter of the flux capacitor too.” Henry added, “We still need to locate that thing before Biff and Armus do.”

“True.” Tom replied, before turning to Celes, “How’s the tricorder modification coming?”

“I still can’t get it to go past a 2.5 km radius. At most we’ll be able to detect the Flux Capacitor at 3 km.” Celes replied.

“We’ll need to narrow the search parameters down some. Celes, are you sure you can’t widen the scan radius?” Tom asked.

“Not without causing multiple false positives. Believe me I’ve tried.” Celes replied.

“We can start at Marty’s last coordinates and work our way around.” Henry suggested.

“Good idea. You just volunteered to lead the flux capacitor team.” Tom replied.

“Right. Tal, you and Billy are with me.” Henry replied.

“I’ll go with them.” Clara began.

“Absolutely not!” Emmett replied, “It’s too dangerous.”

“And letting Armus and the Heartless overrun the multiverse isn’t. We’re all in danger here, Emmett.” Clara protested.

“I see your point Clara. I’m just worried.” Emmett replied.

“Good. That’s settled.” Henry replied, “Now we’ve got to get into that sausage facility.”

“Rocko, do you remember anything about that facility?” Tom asked.

“Nothing especially. All I saw was the high wall and front gate.” Rocko said.

“There’s gotta be a way to get inside.” Emmett replied.

“We could just use the Flyer’s phaser array.” Dalby said, “A blast could level that gate easily.”

“And possibly kill hostages. We don’t know where they are.” Tom replied.

“We do have sensors.” Dalby suggested as he poked his head from out of a panel.

“But Armus has the ability to block them with the fields he can generate. He can also block transporters and communications.” Telfer added as he scanned his PADD.

“True. Directly confronting Armus in that compound isn’t an option. But maybe distracting him is, with a jucier target.” Henry replied, “But that’s about as far as my thinking’s taking me.”

“Kano you’re a genius!” Tom remarked.

“What?” Henry asked.

“Armus wants revenge against the Federation for trapping him on Vagra II. So we’re gonna give him what he wants...” Tom replied, “We’ll overfly the compound with a holographic decoy of the Delta Flyer.”

“If we keep the Flyer in flight, I might be able to transmit echoes of our engine signatures into the hologram by modifying one of the subspace transceivers.” Dalby replied, “It should be able to fool Armus into pursuit. Then we can get into the compound.”

“Now getting past all those cult members is another story.” Rocko said, “There’s gotta be a way...”

Filburt looked out the window and saw a billboard with the Sausage Works contact information on it. It was in the shape of a sausage, “There’s a way. It’ll take a few hours but we can make it work.”

“Get started. Come find us when you’re ready.” Tom said.

“I’ll get the team into the field to start looking for the Flux Capacitor.” Henry replied.

“When can you get going?” Tom asked.

“As soon as Celes finishes modifying the Flyer’s sensors.” Henry replied, “I figure if we can use the Flyer’s sensor array we can get a greater radius.”

“How accurate would it be?” Tom asked.

“It won’t be as accurate as the tricorder readings but it should be able to place us within ten kilometers of the flux capacitor.” Celes said.

“Once we’re in within range we can narrow it down with the tricorders.” Henry replied.

“Celes, how long will it take you to complete the sensor array modifications?” Tom asked.

“It should take me an hour or maybe an hour and a half.” Celes replied.

“Get started.” Tom said, “Dalby, give her a hand. Rocko, Filburt, meet us here when you’re ready to infiltrate the Sausage Works compound...”

“OK.” Rocko said as he and Filburt left the Delta Flyer and Celes and Dalby set to their modifications.

“Let’s hope this works.” Henry replied.

“For all our sakes. I hope it does.” Tom replied.


To be continued...Up next, executing the plan. Meanwhile Voyager endures more attacks by the Heartless...
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