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Re: The Trek Screencap Game: The Adventure Continues...

The New Thread has been set, here's the link!

Oh yes, and here are the final scores for this thread.

Praetor: 8
LeadHead: 39
KaiClark: 11
Tuln: 7
mr.peany: 1
Galactic Squirral: 1
brian: 7
NCC-1701: 6
orac: 12
Xeris: 3
Saratoga NX-3842: 2
Saito S: 4
KirkPicard: 1
Phlox’s Tongue: 2
NickInABox: 1

Our Top 5 : (6 this round)
LeadHead: (Also the winner of the “Got waaaay too much time on his hands” Award)

orac: ( Is that Klingon for 2nd place? )

KaiClark: (Teaching us about the prophets, one screencap at a time)

Praetor: ( Can I borrow one of your Warbirds? Turns out the Klingon Bird Of Prey isn’t the chick magnet I was hoping it to be. )

Since Tuln and brian both had the same score, they both are in the top 5, or 6.… whatever

Tuln: (I’m sorry but after looking your name up in my joke books, I still can’t find any Tuln jokes!)

brian: (Love the Spock picture in your avatar)

Congratulations to all our players! See you in the New Thread!
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