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[GAME] The Trek Screencap Game: The Undiscovered Cap

Hello All, I was just getting around to putting this thread and post together and I thought "Didn't I just do this?" So I checked the dates, 2 threads ago, it took from December to mid-March to reach 1000 posts, 3 months and 12 days. Between now and the beginning of the last thread: 1 Month and 8 Days. Wow. I am awed. Great job everyone!

And now, the final scores from the last thread. Winners are listed in Chronological order starting from their first victory.

Praetor: 8
LeadHead: 39
KaiClark: 11
Tuln: 7
mr.peany: 1
Galactic Squirral: 1
brian: 7
NCC-1701: 6
orac: 12
Xeris: 3
Saratoga NX-3842: 2
Saito S: 4
KirkPicard: 1
Phlox’s Tongue: 2
NickInABox: 1

Our Top 5 : (6 this round)

(Also the winner of the “Got waaaay too much time on his hands” Award)

( Is that Klingon for 2nd place? )

(Teaching us about the prophets, one screencap at a time)

( Can I borrow one of your Warbirds? Turns out the Klingon Bird Of Prey isn’t the chick magnet I was hoping it to be. )

Since Tuln and brian both had the same score, they both are in the top 5, or 6.… whatever

(I’m sorry but after looking your name up in my joke books, I still can’t find any Tuln jokes!)

(Love the Spock picture in your avatar)

Congratulations to all our players!

And now I throw open the first screencap post to Praetor, who won the last round of the last thread.
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