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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

'Dax' could have been the defining episode for Jadzia. Sadly, it was mediocre.
That was about where my initial interest in DS9 faltered. I don't even remember watching the episode, though I still recall TNG's shows from the time. I wonder if it was the same for others.

(Ending 02.21.93)
TNG: Tapestry (Airdate 02.15.93)

Twilight Zone much? Heh, as far as backstory/what-ifs go, this is definitely a great one. A solo Picard outing, in more ways than one -TNG was the only new episode for the week, and offered one of the strongest shows of the season. It's strange that there wouldn't be a new DS9 during February sweeps, though considering what they had in the pipeline...

Both shows have new episodes for the next week, but there's another new sci-fi show appearing as well. Some sort of TV-movie premiere about a space station. Perhaps you've heard of it?

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