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Re: 24: Day 7: 2:00AM - 3:00AM. Discussion and Spoilers

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No, I 'm positive it's not her, though she has been in a commercial for a new movie coming out.

I think the actress in question is Amy Price-Francis. Be careful with that link, because towards the bottom is an indication as to how long she will be on the show.

Yip, you seem to be right. The first photograph of Amy Price-Francis reminded me of Ali Larter, and Ali Larter doesn't have anything in her IMDB record, that alludes to a role in 24.
i do wish 24 would do a better job controlling the spoilers. Between the "next week on 24," cast list at the beginning of the season and other info out there, I feel like most things are spoiled before I see them.
Much of this information is just a product of the industry with nothing to do with those who work on the show and more to do with the promotions people at Fox and SAG.

I do miss how twists, developmens and other things were drawn out over episodes like in the first couple seasons. Now turncoats and twists all happen in the same episode.
For me, and for many of us, the future is now in the past.
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