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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

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Oh, and finally, a species has holodecks and actually uses them for what holodecks would actualy be used for. Realism +1
Not Holodecks, VR. And it's use made sense, sort of, but was extremely unimaginative. The great thing about DNI VR is the ability to be anyone. Having your body as a standard Avatar may make sense from the perspective of a businessman who will be using the technology to go to virtual meetings, but the average user would choose something less literal and more symbolic, at least to utilize the anonymity or pseudonymity potentially provided by a global computer network. But the underground, it would have avatars that don't even remotely resemble humans. The V Club should have been filled with furries and anime characters, among other things.

The great thing about DNI VR is the ability to literally become someone that you could never be in real life, to experience sensory input that the human body is unable to produce. The blind would be able to see, the deaf would be able to hear, and a lot of people would know what it feels like to be a hermaphroditic griffin five penises and two vaginas. Or a robot tank with a 120mm cannon, five metallic penises, and two vaginas.

I can understand that they probably lacked a hermaphrodite griffin budget and they probably wouldn't be able to get five penises past the censors, but they could have at least had a couple of cell-shaded background characters.

The part where they shoot each other for fun was a bit silly, considering that any civilization with that technology is likely to have a VR version of Counterstrike. Mass marketed games is one of the most obvious applications of the technology.

I do believe that the social ramification of such technology warrants further exploration, and hope they will in future episodes, perhaps they'll even save up a decent hermaphrodite griffin budget in the future.
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