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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

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Okay, now for chapter eleven. It's short, and the last before we move to the technical text.
I just had a nap and dreampt that I met you in person.

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They were left with a great number of damaged ships in varying states of operation.
operation -> repair

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Many, including numerous Excelsiors, were damaged beyond repair. These were decommissioned and sent to surplus depots or disassembled
disassembled -> dismantled?

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Ultimately, almost two hundred Excelsiors remained in service, most of them newer ships
them newer -> them being newer

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delivering much needed humanitarian aid
much needed -> much-needed

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The ship had been restored (at least cosmetically) to its 2290 state, although many modern systems were retained inobtrusively.
inobtrusively -> unobtrusively

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Starfleet commissioned a new Sovereign-class starship U.S.S. Excelsior, both in commemoration of that particular ship's Starfleet service and in honor of all the Excelsior class ships that have served the Federation.
It seems odd to me for a class ship to not be the final use of its name.

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not only Excelsior, but the 470 other ships of the class
470 -> 469?

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Excelsiors gave hope to literally the thousands of worlds they visited
literally the -> the literally

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As the 24th century draws to a close, the remaining Excelsiors still in service will be retired, committed to the history books, but their legend and the spirit of the men and women who served on them, boldly going where no one has gone before, will live on.
books, but -> books--but

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