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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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I still remember laughing at how overhyped the part where Kes kisses Tieran's girlfriend was in the previews. Yeah, that's why I tune in. Girls kissing.
Did they kiss? I only saw Kes leaning in to kiss the other woman but being called away at the last second, causing me to declare that the writers are cowards. Damn, I might have missed Voyager's greatest moment.

The Q and the Grey (*)

Janeway wrote:
But what is not insignificant is the fact that the Q, as an omnipotent race, have an opportunity to be a positive force to set a higher standard for other beings in the galaxy. I implore you all, don't go through with this. Don't allow yourselves to continue using violence to resolve your differences.
30 seconds later a group of Humans stormed over the hill and started shooting with weapons that can destroy entire star-systems. I believe that shows the level of thought which went into this episode.

I said back in Deathwish that the "hilarious" antics of Q nearly derailed an attempt to explore an important social issue. Well this time round it gets derailed and falls off a cliff. The first two acts are complete filler about Q trying to get Janeway in the sack, the middle act is okay and the only time things are taken seriously, and the final acts turn into an absurd technobabblely pile of manure. To put it simply, it's crap.

For example, did you know that by re-modulating the deflector and emitting an anti-proton burst they can reinforce the shields enough to fly into an exploding star? And what happens when Voyager flies into the continuum? The crew put on Union uniforms and start killing Q. This is horrible stuff, and it is made even worse by making Voyager's involvement having absolutely no meaning at the end, they are only involved because Q felt that doing it with another Q is icky. And then there is a big reset-button at the end.

There is some funny lines at the beginning of the episode, but everything else is dumb crap which only serves to make Q insufferable. I can see why so many people said they dropped out during season three; there is no direction and the episodes so far have been poor to average. Out of eleven episodes this season's current score is 3.5/10. The first season had so much promise, but this is beginning to turn into a struggle.
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