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Re: Reunification - makes no sense?

It's all very cool what you guys are saying about military superiority and stuff like that but you have to remember the reality of making the series.

Roddenberry died prior to the filming of Reunification. My guess was nobody really wanted to write/shoot/act anything during this time.

Things were so bad Mark Leonard requested that Sarek be killed believing that Berman and his team would no longer be able to keep up the quality of the series.

Nimoy had tremendous difficulty working out a schedule when he could shoot the scenes required for the episode. He posted on a BBS years later (this BBS if I'm not correct) that once he was contacted by Berman to do the episode he could not get a hold of him or any of his people to say yes. He said in a period of a couple of weeks he made 5 consecutive calls with no one every returning call. Thinking he was not actually going to be in the episode he signed on to do another project. Then, wouldn't you know it, he gets a call from Berman saying everything was a go. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to work on TNG, he had only one day open to shoot and that's what they did...shot all his scenes in one day.

From his postings, Nimoy seemed to express a sincere regret that his phone calls were not answered earlier and that he would have never committed to the other project, dedicating all his energies to Reunification.

If you ask me, the episode never had a chance.
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