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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

Thought it was really quite good. I'm going to give it an 'Above Average' rather than 'Excellent' because it didn't blow me away, BSG miniseries style, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. Really looking forward to the series starting proper. The 'kid' actors were actually half decent for once, and the only exception got blown up in the first 10 minutes, so I'm happy! Wasn't so keen on the Principal character, she seemed wooden. Otherwise, happy with the cast so far.
The mafia thing's a bit clichéd, but hopefully that will turn into something worth having. The whole Greystone thing was my favourtie part of the show, the family, Daniel discovering the v-club and the v-Zoe. It was very interesting seeing his reactions and his drive to 'save' her.

Oh, and finally, a species has holodecks and actually uses them for what holodecks would actualy be used for. Realism +1
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