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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Warlord (**)

There is a distress call and the ship goes to help out. There's a Big Bad on the ship and he transfers his consciousness through his hand into the medical professional who is trying to save him. The Big Bad takes control of a main cast member's body and uses it to carry out his nefarious plan with some over-the-top acting. That's when the crew comes up with a convenient technobabble solution to fix the problem and the main character's consciousness is restored.

If you are going to steal a plot from another Star Trek series, DS9 season 1 is not the place you should be getting your inspiration from.

What makes this episode better than The Passenger, other than Jennifer Lien giving a much better performance than Siddig, is the idea that Kes is fighting back against Tieran and Tieran slowly begins to lose control of her body. This is great to watch, but the whole thing is a little undone by the fact that the solution at the end is some technobabble device they stick on Kes' face. Another problem is that Tieran becomes really annoying long before he is finally killed off.

The episode starts badly. Neelix gets a foot-rub, Neelix does some annoying things, Tom and Harry cavort with some women in bikinis, Neelix dances. Worst. Teaser. Ever. The episode ends well with a nice scene where Tuvok informs Kes that she will not be the same person after this experience, she has changed and will have to learn to adapt. I don't remember much about season 3, but I do hope that there is a significant effect upon Kes which lead into her leaving the ship.

3 stars, minus half a star for stealing a plot from DS9.

EDIT: I forgot to update the torpedo counter after Janeway fired that torpedo in Future's End. They have now fired 20 of 38 torpedoes.
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