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^ I agree that the character might have been more interesting if she'd be played by a differnet actor - which is ironic, really, since the whole thing was devised as a Crosby vehicle. I think Sela would have worked better, too, if there had been more going on with her than her invasion plans, or whatever it was. I'd have liked some character moments. Maybe meeting Picard, who her mother had spoken about; or Data who Yar was obviously fond of. Hell, in her short time on the Ent, Tasha had managed to have some nice character moments will all the guys. It would have been interesting (although I know we've seen it before) to have her in conflict with her differnet heritages. There seemed to be nothing to her other than she came back to be a villan. She could even have had a revelation about her mother and her father. She is sympathetic to her father but hostile to her mother. It would have been interesting if she'd had the revelation that her mother had felt the need to escape, that she had been a captive, that her father was not the be-all and end-all. The revelation to adult children that their parents are not infallible gods is a harsh life lesson, might have been an interesting story point to see it happen here.

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