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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Ugh. Finals and hockey playoffs: not a good combination. But with one of those out of the way, time to get Trek'in again.

(Ending 02.14.93)
TNG: Face Of The Enemy (Airdate 02.08.93)
DS9: Dax (Airdate 02.14.93)

Who'd have thought a Troi centered episode could have been so good, eh? But then, it's not really about Troi, but rather the Romulans which this one's about -and probably amongst the best Romulan episodes from the entire franchise. I'd certainly rate it tops amongst TNG's. It's always fascinating to get a look from the 'other viewscreen'. Even the scenes with DeSeve are insightful.

Of course, what really elevates Face Of The Enemy is the high-stakes espionage plot (it certainly doesn't hurt they name-drop Spock's dissident movement either), giving it the feel of a real Event Episode. In comparison, Dax comes off small and quaint. DS9's offering for the week was by no means a weak show, but I'm not sure folks were up for a Jadzia Dax/Trill-backstory courtroom drama so early in the series' run -the character just didn't have much exposure up to this point, sadly. If anything, Dax is a MUCH better episode once you've watched all seven seasons (the final line becomes incredibly tragic), but during first run and compared to Face..., just a little too self-contained to really stand out.

Therefore, TNG takes this week, its first victory. Hmm... glancing next week, I don't think it's going to be the last. DS9 in re-runs so soon?

Weekly Winner

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