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Well, seeing how the only difference between Romulans and humans are the ears, the haircut and the forehead ridges (most of them) they did an okay job with Sela seeing how being half-human would have eliminated the ridges while leaving her with the ears and the blonde take on the haircut.
I have to disagree - and I don't want to. I tried to tell myself that (remember, I'm the one who enjoyed Reunification despite the logical inconsistencies ), but jeez, you couldn't even see the ears - at least I couldn't, except when the camera was at exactly the right angle. She looked like a human - a blond human - with a Romulan haircut. That's the best they could do?
Agreed, that's why I'm voting for dislike. Another half human vuclaniod. I second the 'should have used Tomalak in those episodes' he was the closest that the Romulans ever got to a Dukat.
(come to think of it maybe Cmdr Tebok would have been a better choice for the primacy protagonist.)
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