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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

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Still the digital paper should have been around one would think, or were the colonials afraid of that too after the war and banned it.
Assuming that the paper is just a display/interface, and doesn't contain the computer proper, you wouldn't have seen the digital paper aboard Galactica herself; it would require wireless networking to operate.

You might see it aboard other ships, but probably not aboard something like Colonial One, where there wouldn't have been any existing infrastructure for the paper to work with (being the equivalent of a jumbo jet).

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Looking at Galactica, it was built after Caprica, yet it seems decades before Caprica with its bulky phones etc.. Had the colonials regressed that much due to the war?
They had to regress their technology; anything with an exposed network (especially wireless) could be exploited by the Cylons.
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