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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

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Originally Posted by FleetLord

Besides, if holobands are still in use by the human population at all by that time (I suspect not--the colonials looked "backwards" in technology because they were afraid of their enemies--holobands might have become passť or hated) I'm sure they didn't go home to grab their holobands when they were panicking to find escape ships as the nukes were falling. You'd grab your child before your holoband.
Agreed, but we also dealt with the high tech networked Pegasus for a while not just the old Galactica, so i would imagine that they were banned, probably after the 1st war. Still the digital paper should have been around one would think, or were the colonials afraid of that too after the war and banned it.

Looking at Galactica, it was built after Caprica, yet it seems decades before Caprica with its bulky phones etc.. Had the colonials regressed that much due to the war? Just my opinion.
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