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first video of space battles and new ships

Cryptic Studios' Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich and included new combat footage and info. in an interview on MSNBC for Star Trek Online preview.
Length 3:18 video

I believe this new combat in-game footage is the first time we have seen space battles and phaser fire on ship interiors for this game as a video, with stereo sound.
In the video we also see the new The NX-91001 ship go into Warp leaving a blue trail behind. We also see the NCC-79719 new Oslo class ship flyby, NCC-95032 HAWAII (ARIZONA class), and another unclassed Federation ship. We also hear some of the new music underneath the voice.
At 3:02 there is a really nice wide shot of a Borg cube fast approach and full stop in front of what looks like a Enterprise-D and scans it with green light. Very similar to shots I've seen on Voyager.

FYI I found the NCC95032 here which should help you in classifying ships:
ESF Starship Directory
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