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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

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The Dominion War saw the last (and largest) use of Excelsiors in a wide-scale combat role.
use -> deployment

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At the war's onset in 2373, over 300 Excelsiors were in still service, with over 150 more in varying states of operation sitting decommissioned in surplus yards.
operation -> repair

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To accomodate, numerous decommissioned ships were rebuilt and recommissioned
rebuilt -> reconditioned

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Constitution class ships that had sat idle
had sat idle -> had been idle (or derelict or mothballed)

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The Federation was able to convince the Romulans to join their alliance
But we know what really happened

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Sadly, most of the Excelsior class ships that saw combat with the Dominion were greatly outclassed
Wouldn't they all be outclassed? Well, except for maybe the Lakota.

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and the class's attrition rate peaked at nearly forty percent.
What does that mean? 40% of the ships were lost in a typical engagement?

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Two of the oldest Excelsiors in service continued to beat the odds: the U.S.S. Repulse and the U.S.S. Shras, both part of the original production group from the 2290s, served with distinction on the front, escaping destruction in battle after battle as newer, more capable ships fell around them.
too many commas for one sentence?
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