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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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Thanks for the scaled comparison shot of the set plans. By the way, how much hair did you pull out when you made that collage?

(FYI, trying to match the scales of the blueprint scans is a really fast way to commit brain cell genocide.)
Well, I had started in on it last year (which was why I thought I had posted it). But when I went looking for it in this thread (and on my site) I realized I had stopped part way through (because it was such a pain).

I'm constantly going back over my posted sketches because it is easier to find those concepts and ideas in this thread than hunting through thousands of files on my system. And even if I didn't post everything I was working on at the time, I can at least narrow down the search of my system to a date range. So it was surprising when I realized I hadn't finished (or posted what I had started).

But thankfully I didn't have a lot of hair to start with.

Nimitz CO wrote: View Post
I just found this link that I thought might help you with your project. This talented individual it attempting to do the deck plans for the TOS Enterprise, I hope that you find it helpfull
Thanks for the link. I love seeing other people's approaches towards visualizing this type of thing. I've even been considering BrookeStephen's VRML method... when I have more time and when I get my SGI Indigo 2 back up and running again (as I had a bunch of VRML authoring software for that system as I recall).
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