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Re: "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot." Did Picard really need to say it?

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You'd think "the usual" would cover it - though that's also four syllables, so not much of an abbreviation
Agreed. By the 24th century, computers should be more user adaptive. Certainly on ships with repeat commands from the crew to the computer, the computer would develop a pattern recognition and act accordingly.

Funny thing... In the USA, "tea" usually means "hot tea" in the north. But apparently in southern regions "tea" usually means "iced tea." It makes sense, given the predominant climates. From what I understand, worldwide it is generally accepted that "tea" means "hot tea."

And yet... no milk? Or sugar? Those are common things to add to tea. Apparently there are certain assumptions made on board the 1701-D.

Picard: "Computer, my usual beverage."
Computer: "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot." And the cup materializes.

I think he could have gotten away with this, rather than having to spell it out each time. Or at the very least, "Tea, Earl Grey", with the 'hot' just assumed. If someone wants iced, then "Tea, Earl Grey, Cold".
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