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Re: WWE - The Undertaker to Retire in 2010

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^Have you watched ECW lately ?

It's rapidly turning in to the best wrestling (not "sports entertainment") show on TV. On an average show, it's just matches, not a lot of backstage waffle. Usually in roughly 45 minutes of show we get at least 35 minutes of actual wrestling which is a much higher ratio than, say, TNA Impact.

We've had some great matches on there recently, John Morrison vs Evan Bourne this week was probably the best non-PPV match WWE or any of their competitors have put on this year. Then we've had matches like Jack Swagger's against Christian and Matt Hardy. ECW's rapidly becoming a highlight of the wrestling fan's week.
No I don't watch ECW anymore actually. There's a variety of reasons why I'm not anymore. One of the major aspects is that I was a major ECW fan back in the day (the original ECW, and not the watered down version that's now on TV).

I mean, I know it's the whole "letting go of the past" aspect, but I don't want to watch a complete twat with the ECW Championship, on top of the fact that everything that I even liked about the ECW is now gone, the last straw for me is when they moved Joey Styles away, and then changed the ECW World Title in to that disgusting belt. Sure they may have more wrestling now, and I did catch a bit of Christians return (and already I think he's being dramatically underused).

I mean for god sake, they make Tommy Dreamer job pratically every week, the very last thing that's original in ECW. (Although, Dreamer always had a past in ECW of getting people over, so for all I know he could have requested it).

You know, I would actually watch ECW if they changed the name, there's nothing Extreme in Extreme Championship Wrestling.
Oh, I'm sorry! I thought this was -- Zombie Jesus? What are you doing here?!
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