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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Future's End, Part 2 (**)

I found this episode to be quite enjoyable and there wasn't too many problems with it which annoyed me all that much. Unfortunately it ended with Tom calling Tuvok a freakasaurus, which is such an unnatural and annoying piece of dialogue that I took away half a star for it. I hate that line.

If there is one thing in the story which I think was a mistake it is the sub-plot involving the rednecks and their paranoia about the government. It feels like filler, and uninteresting filler at that. I think the best part about this whole episode has to be Shmullus who steals the show with some well-delivered one-liners, and it is good to see that character out and about doing things he wouldn't normally be doing. There was some debate amongst the Trek fans I knew back in 97 about whether Shmullus' mobile emitter was a good things or not, but I think that he is such a good character that it would have been a mistake to keep him tied to the gimmick that he is trapped in sickbay, and this seems like the natural course of evolution for the character.

But... the reference to him losing his memory back in The Swarm was just that, a reference, and I assume we wont be hearing any more about the subject. I think it was a huge mistake not to follow up on that story thread and I have to stick to my promise to deduct points for this. I will take half a star from this episode, and I will retroactively take half a star from The Swarm so now that episode only has 1.5 stars. Unfortunate, but this was a really huge frak up in my opinion.

Overall Future's End was fun but it had a major plot-hole in the beginning in order to get the story to work and the whole thing was little more than time-travelling antics.
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